Hey, I'm Jay

I work with artists to put feeling into words, make art into product, and turn observers into fans.


Creative Direction

Public Relations

I’m a writer with bylines in Bandcamp and other music blogs, as well as my own music blog: Listen Up, Nerds. I write reviews of new releases, and I’m available to interview/profile artists of any discipline. I’m able to write blurbs, essays, and bios for your band for your social media/Spotify/Bandcamp.

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I am a creative director with experience in branding for small fashion upstarts as well as merchandising for bands and artists. I’m here to provide a holistic approach to branding and an experiential feel to your next drop.

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I’m available for public relations work including creating a press kit, writing press releases, reaching out to journalists, and helping you form lasting relations in your scene.

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Recent Work

Camp trash

Creative direction and merch design for Florida's very own Camp Trash.

Replica City

Public relations writing for Replica City, an exciting new punk band from Denver, Colorado.

Listen Up, Nerds

I write a twice-weekly newsletter about new music and other art.

About Me

I’m Jay Papandreas.

I’m a writer, creative director, and PR person based in Denver, CO.

I’ve worked as a radio host, podcaster, music journalist, clothing designer, video director, creative director, tour manager, merch slinger, and project manager.

I’ve worked with bands and brands to make connections and amplify their message.

If you’d like to work together on a project or grab a cup of coffee, fill out the form to the right and I’ll be in touch.